10W Solar Power Charging DIY Kit
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Our 10W Solar Power Charing DIY Kit for do-it-yourselfers.  Includes all the parts to build your own solar powered charging system.  We've made it very easy to put together.  The most powerful industrial grade 10Wp monocrystalline solar panel is an excellent solar power for those needing to charge thier 12V battery.  The DIY kit comes with GAMMA 3.0 USB Solar Charge Controller and designed to charge both 12VDC and 5VDC system (USB).  For USB deices such as power banks or USB lights, without having to worry about an AC outlet.  It charges any universal cell phone (USB) on the light of the sun. Very convenience to carry around to use.  Not to mention full of power under the sun!


Battery cables are designed with crocodile clips to male cigarette adapter, which's easily to charge your car battery.  A 2 meter long solar cable and MC4 connector for quick connection.

Features :

  1. Industrial grade 10Wp Monocrystalline Solar Panel with MC4 connectors
  2. 2 meter long solar cable with MC4 Connectors
  3. Portable and useful for your easy travelling
  4. Battery cables with crocodile clips, male cigarette adapter & female cigarette socket
  5. GAMMA 3.0 USB Solar Charge Controller with lighting function
  6. Charging both 12V battery system and 5VDC (USB) devices
  7. Solar panel charging output: 22V / 0.6A
  8. Plug & play concepts.  Install within minutes.

What could you power?
If the 10 watt solar panel received 5 hours per day of full sun, then you would have:
0.6 amps (10W panel) X 5 hrs sun = 3 amp-hours/day
3 X 12V = 36 watt-hours per day.

If you were using a 3 watt 12V LED bulb then you could light the bulb for 12 hours with the energy you produced that day.

You get the idea - the sun puts watt-hours into your battery and then you use it to power stuff that uses watt-hours. Energy in, energy out.  The GAMMA 3.0 USB solar charge controller prevents the 12V sealed lead-acid battery from over-charging.  Perfect for beginners that want to get started in solar but don't know where to begin.  Makes a great demonstration system to show how a basic solar energy system works.


Plug in car's female cigarette socket to directly charge the car battery

Plug in the male & female cigarette adapter-socket combination and use the crocodile clips to charge 12V battery

Special designed crocodile clips & female cigarette socket

Connect the solar panel with MC4 connector, plug & play, install within minutes

2 meter long solar cable with MC4 connector

Industrial grade solar panel with waterproof junction box, diode & solar cable with MC4 connectors.





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10W Solar Power Charging DIY Kit

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