2W LED Sensor Light 12VDC
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The 2W LED Sensor Light 12VDC is an increasingly popular replacing fluorescent and halogen lighting. Recently, lighting designers have begun to specify such LED luminaires for high-end new construction.

Direct wire LED light undercabinet lights offer highly efficient illumination with a shallow, easily concealed profile. Comes in 2 Watt 12VDC system.  Features state of the art electronic circuit (without LED driver) which operates without flicker and more durable.   Design for 50,000 hours of usage.

General light distribution. Unique ABS plastic body with painted silver finish and frosted glass.  Mounting hardware included. With a day white output of 200 lumen per LED light, which is the most energy efficient lighting in the market and prefect for solar power applications.


Technical Specification

Input voltage: DC12V.
Rated power: 2.0W.
Outer shape: 160 × 60 × 14.7mm.
Color temperature: 6400K.
Construction: ABS plastic casing.

Special Feature
Motion sensor under the lamp no need touch switch by hand. Move hand  before the detector, the light turn on. Move hand before the detector once again, the light turn off.
21 pcs of SMD high LED built-in , life time 50000 hours.
2000mm lead with mini square male plug for L 13mm X W 7mm X H 4mm.
Low power consumption, high brightness, high security and prefect for solar power applications.




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2W LED Sensor Light 12VDC

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