6W USB DIY Lighting Kit
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Our USB Solar Power Kit for do-it-yourselfers.  Includes all the parts to build your own solar lighting system.  We've made it very easy to put together.  The most powerful USB Solar Panel 6Wp with aluminum frame is an excellent USB solar panel for those needing to charge thier USB devices such mobile phones, power banks or USB lights, without having to worry about an AC outlet.  It charges any universal cell phone (USB) on the light of the sun. Very convenience to carry around to use.  Not to mention full of power under the sun!


Two unit Bolt LED wireless light bulbs and one unit Roller portable LED tube light.  Which is portable and seamless ligthing applications.  Great for rural home that don't have electricity, hiking, fishing , camping , outdoors.  An awesome addition to your outdoor kit and small enough to fit in your backpack too!

One of the best tool to build your own solar light concept.  Just choose any USB light with internal battery (Roller, Bolt, etc).

Features :

  1. Industrial grade solar panel with strong aluminum frame support
  2. 5 meter solar cable with 4 USB ports for charging
  3. Portable and useful for your easy travelling
  4. 2 unit Bolt wireless LED light bulbs with internal lithium battery
  5. Portable Roller LED tube light with internal lithium battery
  6. Maximum solar panel power: 6W, 5V
  7. Solar panel charging output: 5V / 1.2A
  8. Solar panel with adjustable mounting kit to angle the solar panel towards the sun and catch the most light
  9. Connect the solar panel to your smart phone, power bank (or any USB devices with internal batteries) and place them under the sunlight to charge.
  10. Plug & play concepts.  Install within minutes.


Fast charge your USB portable lights, smart phones and GPS

5 meter solar cable equipes with 4 USB ports

With special designed mounting kit for ease of adjusting the solar panel

One unit Roller LED Portable Light

Two unit Bolt wireless LED Bulbs

4 USB ports with LED charging indicator

Bolt is prefect for rural homes that don't have electricity

Extreme bright Roller LED tube light for seamless lighting applications

Charging your smart phone faster with large USB solar panel.

Making a great different for those who don't have power





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6W USB Solar Panel DIY Lighting Kit

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