100W Professional Solar Power System Kit
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What is a microinverter?

Microinverters are the next-generation of solar system technology.  Where the far more prolific, conventional centralised inverter systems have only 1 centralised inverter for the entire solar panel array, microinverter systems couple a microinverter with each solar panel. Systems that use microinverters have a number of potential advantages over conventional systems in terms of system design flexibility, ease of installation, installation costs, and system power yields. Accordingly, such systems are growing in popularity, numbers, and affordability.

Some of the general advantages of a microinverter system over a conventional system include:

1) Greater system power yields, especially in cases of partial shading of the solar panel array compared to conventional systems that have ‘strings’ of solar panels.

If you have a partially shaded roof and have tried to get a quote for a solar electric system youll know that the system that will be installed is much smaller than what you have the roof space for. We are proud to announce that we can now work around your shading. The newest item in our product are micro-inverters. Microinverters are inverters that are attached individually to solar panels.

The reason why shading plays such a large row in solar electricity is due to the type of circuit solar panels are generally connected in. The way solar panels are initially attached in “series”  each series forms a “string”, and each string performs only as well as its weakest performer.

That is to say, when one panel is shaded, anywhere from 5 to 17 other panels lose production as well.

The  solar panels are attached in a dependent manner because of the inverter, (inverters change the type of electricity produced DC, to AC). The solution comes from changing the location and size of the inverter. Instead of one or two inverters for the entire system each panel is fitted with its own inverter. With this new found independence when one panel is shaded, it only effects the performance of that one panel.

The micro inverters are usually mounted just underneath the panels, Once the inverter are connected to the panels, the inverters are then connected to one another, and then AC energy flows through your solar meter and your electric grid. Any access energy goes back to the utility electric grid.

The new micro inverter is a product called the Alpha 2.0 Micro Inverter.

2) Remove potentially more dangerous outgoing high-voltage DC electricity associated with conventional solar photovoltaic (PV) systems

3) Individual solar panel power production can be monitored in detail–greater peace of mind for system owners and greater ease in troubleshooting in the event of a problem.


Features that distinguish the Alpha 2.0 microinverter solution from others include:

-World-leading efficiency: 90% efficiency rating, 97% dynamic MPPT efficiency

-Innovative cabling and cable connectors for improved system installation speed and ease–cutting installation time and associated costs


The Alpha 2.0 Micro Inverter includes:
1) 230Wp Micro Invereter with an Input 22-45VDC

2) MC4 Connector for solar power input

3) AC Waterproof Connector and 3 Pin Power Plug (Type G)

4) 6-months OEM's limited warranty

5) Recomend for 200Wp solar array


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Altenative role of the Alpha 2.0 Micro Inverter:
For budgeting, with 2 unit 100 watt 18V solar panel connect in series to form a 200 Watt 36V solar array and connecting 1 unit Alpha 2.0 Micro Inverter.  The Micro Inverter will convert 6 amps 36V (200W solar array) direct current to alternating current and powering house or office grid (Please see above picture for more information).   


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Alpha 2.0 Micro Inveter 230W

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