Anemometer Compact Digital Wind Speed Meter

Measurement unit options are knots, meters per second, kilometers per hour, miles per hour, feet per minute and Beaufort. 
Measurement units can be changed at any time. Accurate, tough and affordable.
Requires no setup. (Just hold it up to measure wind speed.)
Large, easy-to-read liquid crystal display.
Ultralight impeller turns on jewel bearings.
Excellent accuracy (+/-3%). Measure down to 0.3 m/s.
Impeller and protective housing pop out for easy and inexpensive replacement.
Built to withstand daily use in tough outdoor conditions.
Includes slip-on hard case that protects the impeller, buttons and display from damage in your pocket or toolbox.
The replaceable battery provides 400 hours of use.
It comes with 1 year warranty.
Easy operation,  CE and Rohs certifications.

Product Features:
1. Displays current, maximum, average wind speeds;
2. Hold function of display for the wind speed;
3. Measures wind speed in ft/min mph, Km/h, m/s or Knots;
4. Measures temperature and windchill in Fahrenheit or Celsius;
5. Show comfort level;
6. Beaufort scale display;
7. Measure the temperature every 10 seconds;
8. LCD Backlight;
9. Landyard include for easy carrying;
10. Can be fixed onto a photographic tripod;
11. Low battery detection and display.


Dimensions (HXWXD)
Base station: 50x140x18mm

Power consumption
1. Base station: Single 3V Lithium battery (CR2032);
2. Battery life: 12 months.


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Anemometer & Temperature Probe

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