Battery Cable for Solar Battery
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Our battery cable is manufactured from tinned copper stranding for maximum protection against corrosion and electrolysis.  Ultra flexible (Type 3) stranding resists fatigue due to vibration and flexing.

Our proprietary premium vinyl insulation stays flexible even in extreme cold and resists salt water, battery acid, oil, gasoline and ultra-violet radiation.  Exclusive insulation is rated at 750 volts, 105° C dry and 75° C wet, and is resistant to heat and abrasion.

Exceeds all UL 1426, US Coast Guard Charterboat (CFR Title 46) and ABYC standards.

We offers several specialty wiring components to help complete your system.  Battery Interconnects and Battery to Invertor cables will be necessary for any system with batteries.  We also offer crimping Cable & Wire Tools if you would like to make your own battery cables.  In addition to wiring between solar modules, between batteries, and between the battery bank and inverter, you will also need wiring from the combiner box to the battery bank - sometimes known as the home-run. 



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Battery Cable for Solar Battery

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