Bolt Rechargeable LED Bulb Light
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The Bolt Rechargeable LED Light Bulb is an excellent wireless lighting and outdoors companion for those needing bright light, without having to worry on power outlet or blackout.  The Bolt is a wireless rechargeable LED light, portable LED light provides super bright light greater than 150 lumens; uses Li-Ion batteries for fast charging.  It operates continuously for 3 to 4 hours depend on charging. It come with 12 high power SMD LEDs, very convenience to carry around and operates.  Low voltage which is very safe.  The Bolt is built with ABS plastic construction, which is light weight and durability.

Designed and built for ease of use and wireless lighting application


There are many ways to charge the Bolt, from solar to power bank, from laptop to power outlet.

Compact ABS plastic construction, small size and ease of operate.

Add in a flexible USB Solar Panel (optional) to create your own solar light

Back up with power bank increasing lighting hours

Features :

  1. Using 12 units high power SMD LED
  2. Portable and useful for your easy travelling
  3. ABS Plastic consutraction
  4. Light frosted diffuser for good light distribution
  5. Li-ion battery: 3.7V 1200mAh
  6. Charging via USB port
  7. LED Luminous flux: 150lm
  8. Protect function: Over charging over discharging over current short circuit
  9. Li-ion battery span life: 500 circles; LED span life: 50000 hours;
  10.  Packing list:
           1 x Bolt Rechargeable LED Light Bulb
           1 x USB charging cable

Charge via USB cable (solar panel, power bank, laptops, etc)

Light up your garden at night!

Retiring cable light bulb for good

Wireless, low voltage and very safe to operate

From camping to home deco, Bolt provides endless applications

Prefect for rural areas that don't have power!  Not to mention that the Bolt is very affordable





  • Item #: USB-Bolt-3W

Bolt Rechargeable LED Bulb Light

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