Digital Sound Level Meter
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This Digital Sound Level Meter is an instrument to measure Sound Pressure Level in decibels (dB).  This sound meter is featured with wide measuring range (30 ~ 130 dB), A frequency weighting, Fast / Slow response and Maximum Hold function.  The meter also provides a windscreen to filter-out unwanted signals

Product Features

  • Wild Measurement Range: 30-130dB
  • Accuracy: up to ± 1.5dB.
  • With 1 equivalent weighted sound pressure level A.
  • A frequency weighting for general sound level measurements.
  • Large LCD screen with digits reading
  • Fast and Slow dynamic characteristic modes.
  • Fast rate to pick up the current reading.
  • Slow rate to pick up the reading of average within 1 second.
  • Maximum value holding function to lock up the maximum reading.
  • Equipped with sponge ball.
  • Auto power off design for energy saving.
  • Low battery indication
  • Portable, easy to use and handy instrument for sound quality control
    in factory, office, home, school and construction site.



  • Accuracy: +/-1.5dB (under reference conditions)
  • Measuring Level: 30-130dB (A)/35-130dB (C)
  • Frequency Range: 31.5Hz to 8.5KHz
  • Linearity Range: 50dB/100dB
  • Digital Display: 4 digits
  • Resolution: 0.1dB
  • Bar Graph: 50 dB scale at 1 dB step for monitoring current sound
  • pressure level display
  • Overload Indication: OVER/UNDER
  • Frequency Weighting: A Level Ranges: 30-80dB, 50-100dB, 60-110dB, 80-130dB 30-130dB
  • Self Calibration Time: 3sec
  • Sampling Rate: 2 times/seconds
  • Power supply:DC 9V battery




  • Item #: FTMSM30-130dB

Digital Sound Level Meter 30-130dB

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