GAMMA 2.0 4 in 1Battery Charger
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The GAMMA 4 in 1 Battery Charger (SLA, GEL, Flooded, Lithium) is a small & simple solution to the challenge of keeping solar batteries optimally powered or when in emergency like battery power low.  It is able to charge any lead-acid battery, including standard and sealed AGM, Flooded, GEL Cell and Lithium battery types and is also designed to be easy to use in small spaces, to utilize a 4-step charging program and safely function in a fully automatic mode.  Taken together this makes the charger an excellent means of ensuring that your battery is fully charged and ready to go when you are.

The GAMMA charger is much more than a trickle charger.  It has a "brain".  Utilizing a 4-step charging program (initialization, bulk charge, absorption mode and float mode), it allows you to simply connect the charger to a battery, either in or out of a solar system, and forget about it until you are ready to put the battery to work.  Like all chargers, at the end of the regular charger cycle it automatically switches its output voltage to a safe, storage or float level that eliminates the need to worry about the damaging effects of overcharging, and the resulting need to check on the condition of the battery.  If/when the battery voltage drops too far under load, output power resumes and the charging cycle begins again.  The unit also features sparkproof connectors, short circuit and reverse polarity protection, an easy to understand charging status (SOC) indicator consisting of multiple LED, and almost no current draw from batteries connected to it.

Key Features

  • Perfect for all lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell) and lithium batteries.
  • Complete 4-step charging program (initialization, bulk charge, absorption mode and float mode).
  • Automatically switches to float / maintenance voltage after fully charging the battery.
  • If the battery voltage drops too far under load, full charger output power resumes.
  • LED indicates Stage Of Charge (SOC).
  • Temperature control and cooling fan.
  • Spark proof and reverse polarity protected.
  • External fuse for protection.



  • Item #: G4in1C-10A
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GAMMA 4 in 1 Battery Charger

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