GAMMA PWM Solar Charge Controller
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Our latest version 3A, 5A & 10A automatic 12V/24V GAMMA 2.0 Solar Charge Controller series are especially designed for reliability and affordability.  It is perfect for small & medium solar systems with the need of a multi functions and programing features.

Support On Grid (grid-tie) solar panel with a maximum PV voltage input of 50V.

Selectable battery types: Gel, Sealed (AGM) and Flooded battery options.

The GAMMA regulation circuit provides series regulation to prevent single cell overheat problems of short-circuited solar panels.  The terminal section has been replaced by a rugged, well profane 6mm square terminal block.

The melting fuse of the predecessor has been replaced by a fully electronically protected circuit.

With digital display and 5 LED indicators to display charging in progress, battery SOC, load disconnect, overload status and more.

Leisure and rural electrification systems are the typical applications for this product. It is a perfect solution for cost-sensitive systems which require state-of- the-art system management.

GAMMA equips with intelligent dual function timers enhance the flexibility of lighting system.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 3A for 30Wp solar array, 5A for 60Wp solar array & 10A for 120Wp solar array
  • 12V / 24V automatic recognition
  • Supporting On Grid (Grid-Tie) solar panel with a maximum PV input of 50V
  • High efficient series PWM charging regulation
  • Electronically regulated charging regime: Boost and float charge
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Integrated temperature compensation
  • Uses MOSFET as electronic switch and reverse blocking
  • Fully electronically protected: panel surge voltage, wrong polarity at panel or battery, overload and short circuit at load and more
  • Digital Display and 5 LED indications: Program, Charge status,SOC, LVD, Overload/Short Circuit
  • On & off switch for load
  • Special programing and setting for load
  • Intelligent dual timer function and 1-15 hours timers
  • Selectable Gel, Sealed and Flooded battery type options
  • Inbedded desulfator function from PWM technology
  • 6mm square terminal block
  • Common positive allows grounding
  • Certifications: ISO9001, CE



Download: User Manual & Datasheet (Please click to download)

Why PWM Technology? PWM Technology

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GAMMA Solar Charge Controller - 10A

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