Hydroponic Aeroponic System
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The Farm Tech Mart Aeroponic Clone 15 is an easy to use plug and play cloning machine. The high efficient huminifier pump (mist maker) and system sprayer included in this system deliver highly oxygenated water to your cutting promoting accelerated root growth while providing the perfect coverage for your plants to thrive. This system comes with 15 net pots, 15 clone collars to support cuttings, drain and water level indicator which allows for easy water level monitoring and draining of the water. The aeroponic manifold and mister are easy to take apart and clean. 


Product Specifications:

  • Unique designed container with 15 grow beds
  • 15 Net Pots
  • High efficient 24Vdc huminifier pump for solar power friendly
  • 24Vdc AC-DC adaptor for safetly (low voltage preventing electric shock)
  • 15 Clone Collers to support cuttings and keep the light off the roots
  • 250ml A & B Nutrients solutions.

This aeroponic system is so simple yet grows large plants efficiently. After a very short time, you will realize the advantage of the simplicity of this uniquely easy-to-use, inexpensive, and forgiving system! Pumping raw air into the nutrient solution, without the need of expensive and often troublesome air stones is not only cost effective, but your plants will also thrive!

24Vdc high efficient huminifier pump, can be solar powered

24Vdc AC-DC power adaptor for safetly (preventing electric shock)

High efficient huminifier (mist maker) to cut down energy cost


250ml A & B Nutrients solutions provided


  • Item #: FTM-AP-1G

Hydroponic Aeroponic System

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