Hydroponic Nutrient Fertilizer - 10 Liter
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A popular vegetative hydroponic two part nutrient in powder form.  This will make 10 litres each of concentrated liquid A & B nutrient.
When used at 5mls per litre each of A & B it will make 1000 litres of plant nutrient.  Good for leaf crops.

Use a CF meter for exact nutrient strength measurement.

For use with vegetative plants or flowering plants in their vegetative stage.  Use Power Bud at flowering stage.
Part A = White Balls ( 730 gms )
Part B = Powder Mixture  (1100 gms )
Dissolve each part  into 10 litres of water in seperate containers.  This is your concentrate.  Then 5 mls of both A & B concentrate added to 1 litre of water will give you a CF reading of approx. 20   Soft stemmed plants like lettuce might only need  a CF of 10 so just halve the amount of concentrate if required.  Can be used in soil equally well.

Product Specifications:

N-P-K 30-10-40
Contains a wide array of trace elements including Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur, Iron, Manganese, Boron, Copper, Zinc, Molybdenum. Also contains Farm Tech Mix, a plant vitamin for increased growth.

(N-P-K is a representation of 3 major elements in a nutrient from the composition by weight. N = Nitrogen, P = Phosphorous, K = Potassium) 


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Hydroponic Nutrient Powder Leaf Grow Fertilizer - 10 Liter

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