Mini Humidifier With USB Power
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Humidifier using a variety of ways to make the water atomized, make sure the room maintain a high humidity, and generates a certain amount of natural anion. It can treatable and relieve diseases such as influenza, hypertension, bronchitis, and nervous system, cardiovascular system, and the body's metabolism play a protective role.

1.    The requirements of the water used is clean tap water or distilled water,preventing impurities in the water clogging atomizing sheet
3.    This product voltage is DC 5V, if use of power does not match with the product, that will cause serious damage to the machine
4.    Do not use this product in a high-temperature environment
5.    Avoiding using hard objects touch the atomization chip
6.    Do not rinse this product, otherwise it may cause a short-circuit
7.    If there is a sharp noise or smoke smaller, please add water to the cup
8.    Cups water can not tilt, otherwise will cause serious damage to the product



  • Negative ions are known to help reduce illnesses and protect against germs in the air, thereby reducing allergies, moist and refresh quality of the air we breathe. This product can humidify the hot and dry air in the room during summer and winter as long as you turn on the switch.
  • This humidifier water spray can be turned into 1-5 micron ultrasmall particle, will not have any effect on your machine. It can be directly connected to a laptop, PC, power adapter with USB.
  • High quality ABS Material. Adjustable aerosolized amount function.
  • Available for those who sit in front of the computer or stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time and also it is good for those who are greatly lack of water.
  • Applications: Beauty salon, SPA, Yoga, Bedroom, Living room, Conference room, Office, Reception center, Corridor, Pet room, Toilet, baby room, Hotel, Hospital or any other private / public circumstance. Fashion design with Blue LED night light.


  • Voltage: 5V USB Input
  • Capacit: 80ml
  • Noise: ≤30dB
  • Moisture capacity: 30ml/h
  • Rated power:0.5W
  • Certificate:CE,FCC,ROHS
  • Production size(CM) 7.2 X 9.6CM

The usage of air humidifier
1.  humidifier where trickle-down perfume, essential oils, fragrance to make your working,  living, learning atmosphere for comfort. air mini humidifier
2. Relieves summer heat and cooling: in the summer by adding ice, the air, environmental cooling  is not available in the traditional fan.
3. Anti-mosquito: Add a few drops of liquid repellent to prevent mosquito bites.
4. Beauty: Women’s skin care, before the skin is more Hydra luster, moisture beauty, the skin  is no longer dry, anti-aging.
5. Remove electricity: the elimination of a variety of static interference environment.
6. Household: wood furniture, bedroom humidification can not deformed, just brush the wall  does not crack.
7. Eliminate dust: complete elimination of dust, clean the air. 


  • Item #: USB-HMF-RC

Mini Humidifier With USB Power

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