Multifunction Power Meter - Kill A Watt
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Many appliances will PASS an appliance test, but may still be drawing excessive current due to worn of faulty components.  So, just add a load test to your appliance testing routine with this fantastic low cost power meter.  As you can see, adding a load test to your testing capabilities does not need to cost the earth.

This unit simply plugs into the wall socket and provides measurements of current (Amps), Power (Watts), Line Voltage, Frequency and can also measure power consumption over a given period of time.  It will also calculate the running cost of an appliance as you can program two electricity cost rates in cost per kWh.  An absulute must for every household and business.

Current clock
Line Voltage
Line Current
Line Power
Line Frequency
Power factor
Adjustable max overload current, max overload warning
Adjustable price/kWh
11 comination of day or block of days available.

Will store in memory:
Peak line power
Accumulative total electric quantity
Total on time and total electric charge
Total on time and toatl elctric charge of price 1 and of price

This mains power meter is designed to monitor your appliance devices power consumption in real time.  The meter can display the instantaneous voltage or current being drawnby your devices.



* Measure voltage range: 190-276V AC
* Measure voltage accuracy: +/-3%
* Measure current range: 0.02-16A
* Measure current accuracy: +/-3% or +/-0.03A
* Measure power range: 0-4416W
* Measure power accuracy: +/-5% or +/-10W
* Accumulative electric quantity range: 0-9999.9kWh
* Measure frequency range: 45-65Hz
* Clock accuracy: +/- 1 minute per month
* Power cost:: <2W
* Operating temerature: -10 ºC to +40 ºC
* Battery: 2x1.5V LR44/AG13
* Battery life: about 3 months without AC power




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Multifunction Power Meter - Kill A Watt

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