Omicron Industrial Ventilation Fan - 20W Solar Power
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Our 20 Watt solar industry Omicron ventilation fan is perfect for ventilating hot spaces such as factory, attic, garage, cabin, RV, boat, basement, greenhouse, trailor or wherever ventilation is needed.

Using our super cell 20 watt solar panel to power the industrial grade 400mm DC brushless fan, the Omicron can reduce temperatures by 40-60 degrees and will pull 1,200 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of air from your space.  Installs easily in 400mm hole with no wiring needed.  Fan automatically starts when the sun is shining on the solar panel.  Quiet operation.  comes with solar cable, more can be added.
Fan specs: 1,400rpm, .56A, noise level 55db

Fan dimensions: 410 X 410 X 150mm

Solar Power: 20Wp Super Cell Solar Module

Solar Cable: 10 meter with MC4 Connector

Solar Industry Fan Applications:

  • Cool down factory, greenhouse, etc at remote location where by no power source
  • Cool down attics, kennel, and bans.

Solar powered fans run when they are most needed, when the sun is shining!  During hot season, your attic temperature can reach 150 degrees. High temperatures cause an increase in energy consumption by air conditioning equiptment.  Forced vetilation will circulate cooler air through the attic space and lower the teperature.  Fan and solar module combinations allow daytime ventilation and air circulation anywhere the sun shines. They are great for greenhouses, kennels, barns and attics where AC power is not available.

The solar module runs the fan at full power in full sun and at a slower speed in overcast weather.  Operation is automatic.  When the sun shines on the solar.

Good ventilation is critical in businesses, for instance maintaining an optimal growing environment in agriculture and improves the overall efficiency of a greenhouse.  It is essential for both good temperature and humidity management.  Cooling is critical in the agriculture environment and is most commonly achieved using passive roof ventilation.  The movement of hot air up and out of the roof vents, pulls in cooler air.

Ventilation is also important for air circulation and replenishing carbon dioxide.  Poor air circulation reduces plant activity and can lead to problems with humidity and disease management.  Air movement in the greenhouse should be between 0.2 and 0.7 metres per second.  If carbon dioxide levels are not maintained, plant growth is affected.

Ventilation is about air exchange.  Large volumes of air need to be moved during hot conditions.  A greenhouse needs to be able to achieve at least 30 air changes per hour, but ideally 60 air changes per hour – one air exchange every minute – is needed to make sure the greenhouse environment can be managed in hot sunny conditions.

The application for solar ventilation fan is very wide: factory, greenhouse, attics, kennel, garage, animal shelter and so on.


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Omicron Industrial Ventilation Fan - 20W Solar Power

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