RIZE Solar Industrial Light -120X Commercial Lighting
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The RIZE Solar Industrial Light has an advance dimmerable functions with 150 lumen light output.   We designed these to be very bright light and use for multipurpose lighting applications.    Traditional solar lights put out 1.25 lumens, but these put out and astounding 150 lumens per fixture! 

They're our brightest solar light listed as 120 times brightness!   Each purchase gives you RIZE Industrial light fixtures with industrial grade 2 Watt Solar Panel,  perfect for docks, businesses, hallway, storeroom, car porch, gardens, yards, steps and camping. 

Each fixture has 11 unit high power Nichia Warm White (2,800K) SMD LED light.    The unit comes pre-assembled with pre-charged Lithium battery (includes (2,200mAh 3.7V).   Runs 6-15 hours on a full charge depend on your sunlight condtions and location.  Lithium battery are design for very long life span, which only need to replace after 2-3 years.

Our RIZE solar light is a portable light fixture composed of a LED lamp, a photovoltaic solar panel, and a rechargeable battery.  Solar panel on top the lamp recharges the battery with sunlight.   Solar light recharge during the day.   At dusk, they turn on automatically and remain illuminated overnight, depending on how much sunlight they receive during the day.   

Our solar light are brighter because they put out more LUX than regular solar light.   LUX is the measurable amount of light that falls on the ground from a lamp.   The RIZE solar light take all design factors into consideration to give premium light output.  We don't just stop at the lumens.  We consider the solar panel, circuit design, batteries, LEDs, and optical design to attain the greatest LUX possible.

With dimmer functions for controlling LED brightness output

With special designed lens to enchance lighting effect

Waterproof lamp casing and connector for outdoor lighting applications

Elegent reflector with 11 unit high power LEDs


  • Includes industrial grade solar panel
  • Lithium Battery for long life span
  • With Day & Night Sensor, automatic turn on the light in dusk to dawn
  • Impact resistant plastic construction light casing
  • Nichia High power warm white (2,800K) SMD L.E.D. with light beam puts out 120-degree wide angle
  • 150 lumen brightness per fixture
  • Clear impact resistant lens and defuser
  • Including U bracket mounting for solar panel
  • Recharges by direct sunlight
  • Lasts up to 6-15 hours with full charge (typical life will depend on sunlight and time of year)
  • No electricity bill to pay and no installation cost
  • Wireless, can be deployed anyway where direct sunlight is present
  • 1-year OEM's limited warranty

Perfect for business lighting

Industrial lighting

Pillar or wall lighting

Endless lighting appliactions because of solar powered and wireless

Perfect for your boats and ships

Light up all the dark corner

Decoration lighting 

Solar wall light applications


  • Item #: SLM58150
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

RIZE Solar Industrial Light -120X Warm White LED

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