Sealed Lead Acid battery with AGM Technology 100Ah, 12V

AGM batteries are seeing more and more use in solar electric systems as their price comes down and as more systems are getting installed that need to be maintenance free.  This makes them ideally suited for use in grid-tied solar systems with battery back-up.  Because they are completely sealed they can't be spilled, do not need periodic watering, and emit no corrosive fumes, the electrolyte will not stratify and no equalization charging is required. 

AGM's are also well suited to systems that get infrequent use as they typically have less than a 2% self discharge rate during transport and storage.  They can also be transported easily and safely by air.  Last, but not least, they can be mounted on their side or end and are extremely vibration resistant. 

AGM's come in most popular battery sizes and are even available in large 2 volt cells for the ultimate in low maintenance large system storage. When first introduced, because of their high cost, AGM's were mostly used in commercial installations where maintenance was impossible or more expensive than the price of the batteries. 

Now that the cost is coming down they are seeing use in all types of solar systems as some of today's owners think the advantages outweigh the price difference and maintenance requirements of flooded lead acid batteries.


SLA AGM Battery Datasheet (Please double click)

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Sealed Lead Acid Battery with AGM Technology 100Ah, 12V

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