Solar Decorative Car Motorcycle Wheel Light - Set of 2 Lights
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Add style and enhance the beauty of your car/motorcycle/Bicyclewith this Decorative Solar Wheel Light, a set of 2 solar decorative wheel lights with the highest professional quality.  Made of hard plastic with clear plastic lens and is great for durable outdoor use.  No wiring needed.  Lights up automatically at night.  1 year warranty.

Diameter: approx. 4.5cm
Height: approx. 2.4cm
Easy to install, 13 adjustable Flash modes
Solar energy can be absorbed and saved in high efficiency solar cells.
Automatic sensor turns lamp on when wheel is in motion.
They are self contained with light & motion sensors, LEDs, and replaceable built-in watch batteries.
When it is dark and your wheels start to move, they automatically light up creating a solid disk of light that appears to hover above your wheels.
When your car stops there, they will switch off to save battery power. Because it has the photosensitive components inside, it will automatically light up when it detect light around, even if the car has already stopped there.
Built-in-high-capacity A lithium battery with no memory effect and a long service life.
High Brightness LED chips to avoid accidents while driving at night and to decorate.
While Driving at night flashing function can be activated with the help of light-control and micro-vibration sensor system.
Package Content:
4 x Solar Flash LED Wheel Light with Tools

1. Charging in sun for 8 hours before first time use. Charge more than 3 hours in the sun every use
2. Keep the surface clean, to guarantee the normal work
3. Tighten the screws, install the product, avoidfalling off during high-speed rotation



  • DIY installation, no needs destroying original vehicle.
  • No power supply and any connection needed
  • Indicates a warning light and decorationin night driving, such as night, rain, ice, snow, fog days can have prompt warning function, keep driving safe
  • Applicable models: general type, a wheel a lamp.
  • Colorful Lights : a lamp with colored red green blue light (to which pattern according to Button, you can choose the color you want)
  • Solar automatic charging. adopt high efficiency solar cells.
  • Simple installation super waterproof super durable super beautiful
  • Built-in lithium battery. Large capacity lithium battery.High quality batteries.
  • Ultra-high brightness, products using imported super bright LED chip
  • Intelligent open function, the product USES the optical and micro vibration sensor system, automatically open when driving at night.
  • Intelligent close function, the product by single chip microcomputer with delay closed system, in the parking or vehicle static state automatically shut off after 30 seconds
  • Freedom to switch colors can be monochrome color. (after switch, light dark and vibration will shine)


Powered by Thin-film solar cell

Install at the tyre air vavle

With 13 adjustable Flash modes



  • Item #: SLM-A-ZL2013/2

Solar Decorative Car Motorcycle Wheel Light - Set of 2 Lights

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