Solar Omega Bollard Light
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Wireless, unique bollard design with a white colored light output from 3W LED.   This fixture is all aluminum with a clear glass, vandal resistant, lamp shade.   Perfect for entrances, parking lots, pathways or driveways.  May be used in either a residential or commercial environment.  Light output via a circular array of 3W high intensity white colored LED's within the lens section.   This bollard fixture will simply bolt or screw down onto any solid, flat, horizontal surface as 4 holes are pre-drilled into the circular base plate.  Color of light output is white.   Color of fixture is black.



  • Top performing solar fixture available.
  • Good performance in all seasons
  • 3W White LED's - as bright as 30W halogen bulb output
  • New LED design for more uniform light distribution
  • A 'select switch' allows programming lighting from 1 hour to 15 hours
  • Cast Aluminum Construction
  • 3W White LEDs
  • Clear Globe
  • Recharges by direct sunlight
  • 2 solar bollard lights
  • 1-Year OEM's limited warranty


  • Item #: SC8612-2

Solar Omega Bollard Light

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