Solar Omega Flood Light
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15 hours operate, 5 days reserve, 1,400 lumen

The Alpha and the Omega; the begining and the end; the begining of the ultimate solar powered lighting and the end of the conventional outdoor lighting.

The Solar Alpha Engine

The Omega Floodlight

The cost of electricity around the world has increased over the last few years more dramatically than ever before in history, and the current industry trends do not show any slowdown, or reversal, in these price growth trends.  Additionally, the cost of doing business is on the rise while consumer spend­ing is becoming tighter, and more hard fought, leading to lower profit margins, and tighter budgets. 

As an outdoor advertising company, the cost of lighting up your business can be extremely high, and eat away large amounts of company profits.  Our Solar Custom Lighting Solution (SCLS), on the other hand, requires no elec­tricity (in the normal sense) and therefore, through electric cost savings over the lifetime of the Solar Omega Floodlight, they completely pay for themselves more than once over.  And, in a world that is increasingly concerned with cleaner, greener, more ecologically homes and businesses, your clients will appreciate that you are taking that first large step toward a greener economy and concern about the climate change.


Who's using Solar Omega Flood Light?

Sime Darby      Jabil   Malaysia Arm Forces    Petronas   MMC   MPOB and more...


The Solar Omega Floodlight (SC8800) Advantage – Financial Benefits Installing the SC8800 is more affordable than installing a traditional Lighting in some area. When you choose the SC8800, you cost your installation costs in all of the following areas:

  • Trench Wiring – with the SC8800 you do not need to run underground wire from the nearest electrical transformer to your lighting system.
  • Trenching – Because the SC8800 is a completely standalone, self-contained Solar Floodlight System, you do not need to pay the additional costs of digging trenches for your underground wiring.
  • Replacement Landscaping – Because you do not have to trench to install the SC8800, there is no additional cost for replacing and repairing the ground that is torn up during the trenching process.
  • Land Usage Rights – With no need for external wire connections, etc, the SC8800 allows you, the outdoor user to provide consistent, affordable lighting to your lighting locations without the need to negotiate with property owners to use their property for underground wiring and landscaping.
  • No Electric Meter – With the SC8800 there is no need to meter your lighting system. This means you save the cost of purchasing and installing a meter, and the electrical connection fees.
  • No Electric Usage and Demand Charges – Because the SC8800 is entirely Solar Powered, you don’t need to pay for electrical usage.
  • LED light life span more than 50,000 hours– Save on light bulb replacement, maintenance and installation cost.




  • Customized and powered by 40-60 watts high efficient Germany made solar panel.
  • Using advance Pulse Technology which save 60% power.
  • Designed for tough and durable life and requires minimum maintenance.
  • LED light life span more than 50,000.00 hours, which is 5 times longer than conventional light bulb.
  • Easy installation, plug and play technology
  • Compartment IP65 design, die cast and waterproof.
  • Good light color rendering for excellent light effect, near natural color make people’s visual comfort and no glare beam.
  • Utilize solar energy and environmentally friendly. Do not have lead, hydrargyrum and any other contamination.
  • Floodlight is dedicated faceted optics to optimize beam control and maximize light output.
  • The floodlight is design with high pressure die-cast aluminum housing for strength and anti-corrosion. Vacuum metallic-membrane plating reflector; High intensity, clear curved glass toughened glass cover; Single high powerful LED light source
  • Using high efficient LED driver to support constant power output.
  • An advance 10 watts LED that produced 1,400 lumens and can be upgraded to 16,800 lumens.
  • 12-24 volt direct current system
  • 30-60AH AGM battery bank and 2-5 days battery reserve.
  • Pulse Width Modulation Charge controller and microprocessor automatic lighting controller and timer system.




  • Item #: SC8815-5

Solar Omega Flood Light

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