Solar Power Bank With LED Light
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The solar-powered Power Battery Bank with LED Light and cell phone charger is an excellent traveling and outdoors companion for those needing bright or emergency light, without having to worry about batteries or an AC outlet.  The solar rechargeable, portable LED light provides super bright light greater than 100 lumens; uses rechargeable Li-Ion batteries that are included.  It operates continuously for 2 to 3 hours on solar power alone. It charges any universal cell phone on the light of the sun. Very convenience to carry around to use.

Perfect for charging handpone, camera, GPS and USB mobile devices.

Features :

  • 3 in 1 functions: lighting, power bank and SOS signal light (can not only used for illumination but also as a power bank);
  • 3 brightness settings: low (60lm, 14hrs), medium (75lm, 10hrs), high (100lm, 4hrs);
  • Dual charging methods: either through the solar panel or the USB power source;
  • Charging time: 1. with solar panel (100-300MA), it needs at least 8-10 hours depending on the sunlight; 2. with DC power adapter (5V,1000mA), it needs 2.5-3 hours;
  • With an adjustable hand crank, it can be used as a hand lamp or a desk lamp, for both indoor and outdoor use like reading, camping, hiking, traveling, etc.


  1. LED: 12 PCS, 3.7V/1W
  2. Working current: 100MA(low) /180MA(medium) /250MA(high)
  3. LED light color: white
  4. Solar panel: 5V/300mA
  5. Rechargeable battery: Polymer Li-ion Battery, 3.7V/2200MAH
  6. USB: standard micro-USB
  7. Shell Color : Orange
  8. Warranty: 1 Year All Inclusive


  1. Switch on/off Double click the switch button, the lamp will turn on with low brightness. Press it again to change the brightness setting;  double click the switch button, the lamp will turn off.
  2. Charge the lamp The lamp can be charged by USB power adapter or by solar panel. The flashing Led indicates the charging status and the battery capacity. The LED indicator will turn off automatically when the battery is fully charged.
  3. Charge mobile devices * Plug in standard USB2.0 data cable, the solar lamp can charge your mobile products. The LED indicator will turn off after 10 seconds when the mobile phone is fully charged.
  4. SOS signal Long press the switch button for 3 seconds, the SOS signal will turn on. And then press the switch button for 3 seconds, the SOS signal will turn off.
  5. LED indicator Short press the switch button, the LED indicator will show the battery status. It will turn off after 10 seconds. The 4 LEDs indicate 25%/50%/75%/100% capacity.

1. Please make sure that the solar panel is under direct sunshine when charging;

2. Please avoid water or dust;

3. Please avoid hitting upon the light.

4. If you do not use it for a long time, please try to charge it at least one time per month.

Powered by 1.5Wp solar cell

LED light that produces 100 lumen.


Frosted panel light (with 3 light intensity power setting) and special design ring for backpack & stand




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Solar Power Bank With LED Light

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