Solar Powered Floating Air Pump With Airstone
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A quick, easy way to restore the oxygen levels to your outdoor pond, enjoy aquatic plants and pond fish without fear. The Solar Powered Floating Air Pump with Airstone (oxygenator) needs to be in direct sunlight to function properly. Made to work for small to medium ponds up to 800 gallons, this floating oxygenator is designed with two 1.5′ tubes with air stones which produces an air flow rate of 52 total gallons per hour. A simple, efficient way to restore your oxygen levels.

Please note, this solar pond pump must have sunlight to operate, it does not store power.

Anchor not included–to fix this oxygenator to a certain spot in your pond, secure a line to the bottom of the device as well as to a heavy rock at the bottom of your pond to keep the oxygenator from moving.


  • Operates in direct sunlight only
  • Provides oxygen for your fish
  • Floating design
  • No running costs
  • ideal for small to medium ponds
  • Panel dimensions 1.8Wp
  • Airline hose length: 0.5 meter
  • Weight: 550g
  • 1 airstone






  • Item #: SC182AP
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

Solar Powered Floating Air Pump With Airstone

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