Wind Thermo Handheld Anemometer

The Handheld Anemometer is reliable and accurate for measuring air velocity and temperature. 

 Anemometer is the technical name for a wind speed meter. It's useful for many applications including wind power, design, testing, sports (handgliding, kite surfing, parasailing etc) and helping decide where to put your wind turbine.  


  • Measurement items: Air velocity, Air temperature
  • Range of air velocity: 0.3~30m/s, 0~90km/h, 0~5860ft/min, 0~55knots, 0~65mph
  • Accuracy of air velocity: ±5%
  • Range of air temperature: -10~45degrees, 14~113F
  • Accuracy of air temperature: ±2degrees
  • Resolution: 0.2derees; 0.2m/s
  • Max/Average/Current air velocity reading
  • degrees/F selection
  • Wind chill indication
  • Beauford Scale
  • Auto power off: 14 minutes without any operation
  • Low battery indication
  • LCD Backlight: 12 seconds active by press any key
  • Power: CR2032 3.0V (not include)
  • Dimension: 105x58x20mm
  • Net weight: 59g



  • Item #: SPMS-AM82

Wind Thermo Handheld Anemometer

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